Healed While Watching the Service Online

Sunday, March 15 was unique in the history of Harbor Christian Center.  Due to the Corona Virus, the church was not open to the congregation.  The Media Team came in and Pastor Louie preached a message that went out over the Internet.  An HCC member was watching the service from home that morning.  She’d been dealing with extensive neck pain, at times severe, since about November/December of 2019.  At the end of the service, Pastor Louie spoke prophetically before praying, mentioning that someone was suffering from neck pain.  His description exactly fit what she was experiencing.  She received the word and prayer by faith, feeling “That’s for me!  I claim the healing for myself!”  The pain left immediately and she is giving God all the glory.

“Jesus Is My Primary Doctor”

Richard Cox’s journey from a cancer diagnosis to a miraculous healing began in 2014 with the discovery of cancerous tumors in his bladder.  In the years that followed, he was admitted to the hospital seventeen times and experienced multiple surgeries.  Cancerous tumors continued to reoccur and in 2018, in spite of much prayer and a strong faith for healing, Richard had to have a kidney removed.  By October of 2019, he had only 30% function in his remaining kidney and medical scans showed more cancer in the kidney, bladder and prostate areas.  He was scheduled for surgery on November 15.  On the Saturday before this date, Richard attended a men’s breakfast fellowship and while there, gave God 100% of his life.

When Richard woke up following his surgery on November 15, 2019, he wondered what had happened….no catheter, no pain.  He felt great!  When he asked his doctor what had happened, the doctor told him that the tumors which had been detected on an earlier scan simply weren’t there when the surgical procedure was done.  The doctor told him, “Mr. Cox, medically speaking, I don’t have an answer.”  Richard had the answer.  “Doctor Jesus” had answered his prayers and he’d received a miraculous healing.

And just to show how much our loving God cares about every detail of our lives, Richard’s wish to be at his grandson’s football game came to pass.  On the evening of November 15, he was able to attend the Banning High School football game, where Richard to able to witness to family and friends of his miraculous healing.  To make this evening even more perfect, Banning’s team won the game!


Healed over the Phone

For over ten years, Yuly had suffered from chronic back pain.  When, during a phone conversation, one of our Harbor Christian Center Prayer Partners learned of Yuly’s ongoing condition, he prayed for her, and her pain left and has not returned.  She now has new energy and is rejoicing in her healing.

God is unlimited.  While many are healed through the laying on of hands, God’s power is not limited by distance.  His power is only a phone call away!

Just keep believing…God is in control

Long-time HCC member, Tillie Menendez, is rejoicing in the healing that has taken place in her left wrist.  Early in February of this year (2019) she injured her wrist.  A tendon separated from the bone, leaving her with a painful condition that only got worse over time.  Her doctor told her that surgery might be necessary.  Tillie kept on believing and praying for her healing, knowing that God heals on His schedule, not ours.  Improvement was gradual.  When Healing Evangelist Billy Burke was at HCC, Tillie laid her right hand on her left wrist, claiming her healing, even thought she didn’t go up to the altar.  Her left wrist is now completely healed (no surgery needed!).  Her advice to those who don’t experience an immediate miracle of healing is “Just keep believing.  Be patient. God is in control.”

“You’re cancer free!”

On Sunday, August 28, 2019, Healing Evangelist Billy Burke was ministering during the 11:00 am service.  Carmen Armenta, a long-time member of HCC, was in the congregation that morning.  She had a serious health concern.  In 2013, she’d had a lump removed from her breast and ever since, she’d had concerns about cancer returning.  Now a new lump made those fears real and present.  At the urging of her sister, Jo Gonzalez, she went forward.  Billy Burke had said, “There’s a person here….” and when he said the words “tumor” and “cancer” Carmen thought “Maybe that’s me.”

Carmen received prayer and when she fell under the power of the Holy Spirit, she remembers she “felt different.”  She felt that something had happened in her body.  Confirmation came soon after.  The lump that had caused such concern had disappeared and when she went to see her doctor on the following Wednesday, he handed her a report that said “Cancer free!”  At the time of this interview, Carmen was still overflowing with the joy of the Lord, rejoicing in her healing.

Answered prayers

Lydia Ramirez, a member of our HCC family, recently shared the following testimony.

On August 7, 2019 her great-nephew, Michael Jr., was born premature and not breathing. At Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart.  Doctors told his parents there was the possibility of permanent brain damage.

Lydia ask her church family to pray for little Michael.  She wrote, “By the grace of God through faith and everyone’s prayers, he has amazed not only the doctors and nurses, but Mommy and Daddy too.  Michael Jr.’s tests have come back negative for any brain or heart problems.”

Lydia, her nephew Michael Sr. and his wife Anna thank everyone for their prayers.


“The Lord’s going to do something for you”

Gloria Gonzalez’s story goes back to 1989, when she began experiencing back problems and pain.  As the years went by, her medical history came to include four surgeries, a mild heart attack and a car accident which left her with seven broken bones and unable to walk for five months.  Constant pain in almost every part of her body was a daily reality.  When Gloria and her husband Nick came to church on Sunday evening, July 28, she was in agony and moving with great difficulty, depending upon a walker for support.

Gloria went up to the altar then went back to her seat.  At the urging of others, she went back up, only to stand and wait and eventually to sit down again.  Then she heard Healing Evangelist Billy Burke ask, “Where’s that lady with the walker?”  He called her forward, prayed for her and told her, “The Lord’s going to do something for you.”  Gloria went down under the power of the Holy Spirit and as she did so, she felt the power of God go through her body like waves.

When Gloria was helped to her feet, she was wobbly and still moving with some uncertainty, but she was walking!  Now she no longer needs her walker and can feel a definite difference in her body, as she continues to regain her strength and balance.

Awake after six weeks in a coma

When Nelma Hernandez could not reach her 37 year old son Marc after he’d gone skateboarding in Palos Verdes on June 20, 2019, her instincts as a mother told her something was very wrong.  After many anxious hours she learned that he was in the ICU at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in a coma, unresponsive and suffering from very serious brain injuries.  During the month that followed, Marc underwent three surgeries as doctors attempted to relieve swelling of his brain.  Still Marc remained in a coma, unaware of his mother’s long hours spent at his bedside.

When she learned that Healing Evangelist Billy Burke would be at HCC on July 28, she came, bringing a photo of her son Marc with her.  When Billy Burke called her forward for prayer, he told her, “You’re going to see a change.  He is healed.”  As Nelma went down under the power of the Holy Spirit, He revealed to her that Marc was indeed receiving the healing of his brain.  That afternoon when Nelma visited her son in ICU, she spoke to her son, telling him of the  word she’d received that morning at church.  As she did, he nodded his head and was able to say “yes.”  He was starting to respond!  As the hours passed, he gradually came out of the coma he’d been in for almost six weeks.  He opened his eyes.

Since that time, he’s been moved out of ICU and into a regular hospital room, where he continues to heal from his injuries and the surgeries that followed.  Marc is now resting and recovering and is able to recognize family members and friends.  Nothing is too hard for our God!


The pain left and has not returned

HCC member Alice Guerrero had suffered from sciatic nerve pain for over a year.  In recent weeks it had become even worse, with the pain extending from her hip to her foot.  During the time of ministry by Healing Evangelist Billy Burke, Alice focused on the praise and worship.  Billy Burke told the congregation, “You don’t have to come up to the altar to be healed.  You can receive right where you are.”  When it was time to stand and  worship, Alice stood — and realized she wasn’t in pain any more.  The following morning when she awoke, the pain was still completely gone, and has not returned.  To God be the glory!

A Total Act of God

On 7-24-19, Marc and Donna Wright wrote the following testimony on their Welcome Card:

Nephew’s court date on 7-24-19 was a total act of God.  Judge had an attitude; we prayed and hours later had a total change of heart.  He’s free and cleared and he rededicated his life on this day.  He finally sees (for) himself how much Jesus loves him.  PRAISE YOU JESUS!  AWESOME GOD!