Brain tumor is completely gone

Earlier this year, HCC member Ron Moreau was hospitalized and given a brain scan, which revealed a brain tumor.  He turned to God and his church, and received prayer with the laying on of hands.  Re-examination showed that t he brain tumor was completely gone.  To God be the glory!


Full time plus benefits!

Chris Banda wrote on a recent Welcome Card, “I have a praise report, because lately I have been working a lot and no benefits because I was part-time.  Now I am  full-time and I have benefits and a pay raise.  Thank God!”

No More Need for Glasses

It was a Good Friday miracle.  Dilma and her ten year old son Samuel were at HCC for the Good Friday Holy Communion service.  After partaking together of Holy Communion, Samuel handed his mother his glasses, telling her he didn’t need them any more.  Over the following days, each time the subject of wearing his glasses came up, Samuel repeated, “I don’t need them any more.”  His vision had been completely healed during the Communion service and continues to be perfect months afterward.  To God be the glory.