The pain left and has not returned

HCC member Alice Guerrero had suffered from sciatic nerve pain for over a year.  In recent weeks it had become even worse, with the pain extending from her hip to her foot.  During the time of ministry by Healing Evangelist Billy Burke, Alice focused on the praise and worship.  Billy Burke told the congregation, “You don’t have to come up to the altar to be healed.  You can receive right where you are.”  When it was time to stand and  worship, Alice stood — and realized she wasn’t in pain any more.  The following morning when she awoke, the pain was still completely gone, and has not returned.  To God be the glory!

A Total Act of God

On 7-24-19, Marc and Donna Wright wrote the following testimony on their Welcome Card:

Nephew’s court date on 7-24-19 was a total act of God.  Judge had an attitude; we prayed and hours later had a total change of heart.  He’s free and cleared and he rededicated his life on this day.  He finally sees (for) himself how much Jesus loves him.  PRAISE YOU JESUS!  AWESOME GOD!

God’s Faithfulness over a Lifetime

Marlene Mancuso, a long-time member of our HCC family, has testimonies of healing that span a lifetime.  Born with a mitral value prolapse condition, she was examined for heart-related concerns in her 30’s and tests showed that her heart value now functioned just as it should.  The medical technician who did the test had seen her own father healed following prayer only two weeks earlier, and Marlene’s healing strengthened her new-found faith.  Recently a medical scan showed that Marlene had two aneurisms in the area of her spleen and a pituitary gland tumor.  Trusting God to heal her, Marlene opted not to have surgery.  A subsequent scan showed that further medical treatment would not be necessary.  Her blood pressure, once also an area of concern, is now in a healthy, normal range.  Both Marlene and her husband have received numerous healings over many years’ time and give God the thanks and praise for all He has done.

It’s God’s Love for You

On May 28, 2019 Richard Martinez stopped by the home of one of his employees to give him a ride to work.  The man came out, limping and obviously in pain.  Richard’s first thought was “How is he going to be able to work?” since they do construction work.  No sooner than the man was seated in Richard’s truck, he exclaimed, “What just happen?  The pain in my leg is gone!”  The man then got out of the truck and walked around without pain.  His limp was gone.  Again, he asked Richard, “What just happened?”  Richard answered, “It’s God love for you.”  The day of miracles has not passed!

No Amputation Needed

On the same day that Monique Cordova led her family in prayer at the time of her grandfather’s passing, she also learned that one of her uncles was facing possible amputation of an infected foot.  He’d suffered serious burns to his foot, but due to diabetes, it wasn’t healing and skin grafts weren’t working.  Infection had set in and the next day, doctors were meeting with him to discuss the likelihood of amputation.  Monique prayed for him, and when he met with his doctors that following day, they saw that the foot was now healing and amputation would not be necessary.  To God be the glory!

Prayer made a difference

On May 10 of this year, Monique Cordova gathered with family members in an Intensive Care Unit to be with her uncle.  Doctors didn’t expect him to live much longer, and the family had gathered to be by his side.  Monique prayed for him and shortly afterward left the hospital.  Two days later, she called her Dad for an update.  Not only was her uncle doing much better, but the doctors had actually released him from the hospital.  Monique reports, “Our whole family can’t stop talking about it.”

By faith he received his healing

HCC member Rodney Boudreaux had a long climb from his parking spot to his condo, twenty-eight steps in all.  One day last November, he had a terrible fall, down fourteen hard, unforgiving concrete steps.  Lying there in extreme pain, he could not move.  After seeking medical help, Rodney learned he’d broken his L-2 vertebra.  He was bedridden for a time.  Doctors, medical procedures and a back brace helped to a degree, but his mobility was seriously impacted and the pain largely unrelieved.

Months passed, and in May of this year (2019) he was feeling well enough to come to church for the first time since his fall.  He received prayer for healing.  As a prayer partner laid hands on him, he felt warmth in the painful areas of his back.  The limitations as far as his mobility and pain did not immediately disappear.  However, the next morning, he felt God was asking him, “Do you have faith?”  Responding with a heartfelt “Yes!” he prayed, stood up and realized he was able to move freely, without pain.  He was even able to run!

Rodney knows experientially that healing comes when one has faith and that it is his mission to tell others of the love and power of the God who healed him.