The Doctor said one thing; God said another

Sal wasn’t feeling well.  After a visit to the doctor and a trip to the hospital, he received a diagnosis of pneumonia, was given medication and sent home.  He received prayer, and the next day he told his mother he was feeling better.  When he returned to the doctor, he was told “No pneumonia!”  To God be the glory!


Answered prayer

Something was missing….his truck.  When Rudy A. went to where he had parked his truck, it wasn’t there….stolen during the night.  He immediately followed up on the situation, filing a report with the police and also calling Pastor Louie for prayer.  God heard his prayer and the police did their part, calling Rudy soon afterward to let him know his truck had been found and was in drivable condition.  Praise God for answered prayer.

God used a notebook to change a life

Shortly before Easter, Magnolia left her notebook, which contained notes concerning faith, the Word of God and prayer, in a car that her son also uses.  A young adult woman  he knows picked up the notebook, and instead of just glancing at it, took it with her to read.  A few weeks later, she returned it to Magnolia, letting her know she’d been at HCC on Easter, and as a result of reading Magnolia’s notes, had decided to leave a lifestyle that was not pleasing to God.  Our God is an awesome God!

Healed in his body, strong in his faith

Louis, the adult son of one of our faithful HCC family members, recently experienced extreme weight loss (195 lbs.) over a three-month period.  Following medical tests, doctors determined that it was a a thyroid condition, and not cancer as they had feared.  Louis and his family placed their trust in the Lord, and following treatment, the condition was corrected.  His faith and that of his family is stronger than ever, and they are rejoicing in his healing.

Healed on Good Friday during Holy Communion

Monique wrote:  “On Good Friday morning I woke up with a serious toothache….I was in so much pain that I was in tears.”  She took medication and saw a Dentist, but nothing was helping.  “I attended Friday night’s service and during Communion, while breaking the bread, my tooth instantly stopped hurting.  It was the relief I had been waiting for. I never picked up the pain meds the Doctor has prescribed for me.  God healed me and the tooth pain hasn’t returned.”