Healed and Running Track

Toni Payne’s granddaughter, Tatianna, was diagnosed at age eight with Crohn’s Disease.  She is now sixteen and she is running track for S.P.H.S. and recently came in second place.  She is healed!  And that is a true miracle.


His pain left completely

We recently received a call at the church office from a former attender at HCC.  She requested prayer ministry and a home visit for her neighbor, James, who is dealing with cancer and also needed to recommit his life to the Lord.  HCC member Richard, whom God has anointed to pray for the sick, made contact with James and his wife, prayed for him and the pain he was suffering left.  To God be the glory!

God Had Something Better for Her

Mercedes Orozco shares her testimony of God’s goodness.

Before Mercedes even begins to share her testimony, her smile and the love and joy that radiate from her speaks of the wonderful blessings she’s received from God.  Before she received Jesus into her life, she was in a “dark place,” far from the good things He had ahead for her.  Even after receiving Jesus into her life, things weren’t easy.  Her job was already stressful, and things became even more complicated when her father required a bone marrow transplant due to cancer.  Mercedes spent many hours with him at the hospital, causing her to miss large amounts of time at work.  In time, this led to her having to resign, leaving her unemployed.  One door was closing, but God was about to open a bigger and better one.  One the same day her father received his bone marrow transplant, she received an email from an agency, which led to employment interviews.

Mercedes prayed and sought God’s peace and guidance, never realizing the unique way in which she would receive it.  At home, she did something very out of the ordinary, without knowing why.  Because she has braces on her teeth, Mercedes doesn’t eat popcorn.  On that day, she wanted popcorn!  As she was eating it, she saw a scripture verse printed on the popcorn bag, Isaiah 26:3.  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.”

It was as if God was speaking directly to her.  She received that perfect peace and soon afterward learned that she had been hired for a position far better than she’d had before.  Mercedes will tell anyone who will listen that God is a good, good Father!”